LUSH Products

It is crazy how fast time flies. Here I am saying that I would be writing every week, and it has already been 3 weeks. I have been busily applying for jobs, and beginning a new routine here in Woodstock, New Brunswick. 

Before the end of the summer, I had the opportunity to do a little bit of shopping, and I have always done on this blog, I figured I might share them with you. I am not sure how many of you have heard of LUSH, but if you have, then you know how amazing it is. Lush is a fresh homemade beauty product company that uses the freshest fruits, vegetables, and oils to develop products that will nourish and replenish your skin. They have the coolest products from bubble bars, sea salt shampoo, creams, leave in conditioners etc. 

I have been watching vlogs dedicated to LUSH for a while now, but had not gotten the chance to try them out. I recently got the chance to stop in at a LUSH in Portland, Maine, and picked up a few new items. I was instantly hooked. Here are a few of the goodies I picked up!

1.) “Sunny Side” Bubble Bar

This bubble bar smells like citrus and best of all, is covered in shimmery gold glitter. To use it, you crumble pieces underneath the running water. The bath then fills with bubbles that are sparkly and gold. It is definitely a glam bath!


2.) “Seanik” Solid Shampoo BAr

I have to admit when I first heard about the solid shampoo bars, I was a little apprehensive as to if they would actually work. The clerk told me that they are equivalent to using three bottles of shampoo. I have to say, I have been using it for almost a full month now, and it has hardly gotten any smaller. It lathers up, better than most shampoos, and is full of seaweed that softens and nourishes your hair.


3.) R&B Leave in Conditioner

This product is FABULOUS. If nothing else, it smells like the most delicious mixture of coconut you have ever smelled. It is made with coconut oil, avocado butter, oatmeal, olive oil, jojoba oil, and candelilla wax. It is made specifically for curly hair, but it also works great for us girls with wavy to straight hair as well!


4.) “Helping Hands” Hand Lotion

I actually bought this hand lotion for my mother, as she works in the medical field, and is constantly washing her hands. This lotion was formulated specifically for nurses. The barrier of the lotion stays on your hands, even after you have washed them! It’s mixture of marigold, lavender oils, shea butter, and almond oil. It also has something called Linseed Mucilage in the mixture which swell when exposed to water. This helps protect the mixture on your hands.


I encourage everyone to give LUSH products a try! They are phenomenal! If anyone has tried any other products from LUSH, please let me know. I would love to try more!:) 

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Jumping in With Two Feet!

Good afternoon!

I am back after a long long hiatus from this blog. This summer has been so busy filled with my last semester of university, two great (yet busy jobs), and lots of summer fun! I am looking to definitely update this blog more often and keep it going. I am going to continue writing about products I like, exercise routines, and general chatter. I have lots of posts planned, so make sure you check in every week, as I hope to have a new post up by Friday every week! 

This summer, I also got ENAGED! YAY:) I will be writing about my ideas, the planning process etc, and I want your input. I am so excited to start this blog again!



See you cats later!



What I Learned in BSMR..

So here we are, the very last day of Building Social Media Relationships. When I began this class, I thought I knew what social media truly was, and now I see things completely differently. 

I have always been an avid Facebook fan, since the beginning. Having a personal account seemed like a part of life. Having had it, I cannot imagine not having that network. Although I felt this way about Facebook, I had absolutely no interest in other social media sites. Twitter, which had been popular for some time previous to me taking this class, was a social media platform that I did not understand, and therefore, seemed to have no use for. It was not until I was in this class, that I learned how valuable it truly can be.


This class aided me in the ability to not only understand the use for social media sites like Twitter, Pintrest, LInked In etc, but begin to utilize my skills. I think sometimes people assume that because I am a millennial, that I have some predisposed knowledge of the internet, when in fact that is not always true. I had no idea how a hashtag was used, how to manually retweet, or use any of the analytics associated with Twitter, Facebook, or Google. It was so nice to be literally walked though each and every step, so that I could adequately understand why each part of the process was useful.


The books that I read for this class were also so helpful, in explaining how to build your brand, and make you “noticeable”. Many of you know, that I read “The Power of Unpopular” by Erika Napoletano, a crude, yet relevant book about how to build a successful brand.


I can truly say, that after taking this class, I am not only excited for the next section, “Social Media Research and Techniques”, but also to continue my blog and all of the activity on the social media platforms I have joined this semester.

This class has given me the skills not only be a person of influence, but a better communicator as a whole.


If You Ever Decide to be a Maritimer..

Having written about all of the fun things to do in Hamilton, I thought it might be of interest to people to know a little about the East Coast, and some of the fun things to do there!

I have grown up in the Maritimes, my entire life, and so know of many amazing places that you should go if you are ever for a visit. Now, there are many cool places to go, but I am going to share places I have personally been, so that I can give you my honest opinion.

1) Sandhills Beach

This beach, located on the south shore of Nova Scotia, is one of the prettiest beaches in Canada, I dare say. It has 2.5 km of white sand and warm waters. The water there is particularly warmer than other beaches in Nova Scotia, because of the large sand dunes that warm during low tide. It is a must see, but watch out for the jellyfish!


2) Peggy’s Cove – Halifax, Nova Scotia

If you are ever in the area, and would like to see one of the most coolest lighthouse areas, go here! There are huge rocks that run forever, that you can jump around on and have a great time. It is a beautiful place. One of my favourite things to do as a kid was to go here or other lighthouse areas and jump around on the massive rocks. It may sound trivial, but it is so so fun!


3) Merl’s Diner- Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

When I say this place is a little hole on the wall, I mean it. It is literally a little shack not far from the Yarmouth Harbour. I promise you however,you will not EVER find better seafood than here! They have the most delicious food, including my favourite… Lobster Poutine. If any of you are not grossed out by this, feel free to ask me about all it’s delicious-ness!

4) Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick!

This is easily one of the coolest places in the Maritimes! The Bay of Fundy, located between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia boasts the highest tides in the world! At the Hopewell Rocks, you actually have an opportunity at low tide to walk on the ocean floor and explore caves, rock structures and rocky beach that are otherwise covered by water! It is such a cool experience!Image


You have to be careful that you are back by a certain time, otherwise you could be in the DANGER ZONE!

This next picture gives you an idea of just how low the tide gets, but just how high it can get.


5) P.E.I.

Now, I have only been to P.E.I in the fall, but it was still beautiful! Of course they are famous for things like red sand, potatoes, and Anne of Green Gables, but they have a lot more going on than just those things. I have only ever been to Charlottetown myself, but members of my family have been to places like Cavendish Beach, which hosts a large beach music festival every year, primarily with country artists! There is a lot of opportunity for camping here as well, with lots of options regarding cabin rentals and beach front sites. It is beautiful, and worth checking out if you are ever in the area!

I realize all of these places have to do with the sea, but HEY! It is the Maritimes. If any of you are ever in the area, there are a lot more fun places to go too! It truly is a land of adventure, if you just go searching!

Coming “Unhinged”

Last night, I had the pleasure of supporting the arts once again. I love going to see, and being a part of, theatre, dance, live music, art shows etc. A friend of mine was in McMaster Dance Company’s Final Performance for the year!


The Dance Company at MAC is a competitive dance company, with auditions each year. They have a limited number of spots, as they aim to be top- notch! 

The show last night started at 8pm, and after looking at the bulletin provided, I was sure I was going to be there until midnight. There were 3 acts, 2 intermissions, and a grand finale. As soon as the show started however, I was instantly entertained. Not only was it wonderful to be able to watch my friend perform, it was also nice to see all of the hard work that the company has put in over the semester.


The dancers are separated into two categories of contemporary and urban. There were so many diverse pieces including, “The War is Over” choreographed by Carissa Bowerman and performed by Eric Abel, David Anzarouth, Melissa Denroche, and Elizabeth Giles, all the way to “Boombox” choreographed by Fareh Malik, and perfromed by Shreemona Grg, Jane Kobylianskii, Fareh Malik, and Julia Plummer.

The company also performed two pieces that they have received awards for, including “Repeat After Me: I am Free”, which placed 3rd ( out of 270 performances) at the Terpsichore University Dance Challenge, and “Same Love” which received a choreography award at the same competition.

As the show came to a close, graduates were recognized and applauded. With that said, the company will be looking for new recruits very soon! They are holding a scouting workshop on April 11, 2013 for all who are interested in next year’s team. If you are a contemporary dancer it is going to be held between 7-8:30, and urban between 9-10:30 pm, in the Activity Centre in DBAC on the main campus.

If anyone is seriously interested, you can find out more information by emailing them at or find them on Facebook under “McMaster Dance Company”.

From East to West

Hey Everybody!

Being from the East coast, Hamilton has been an entirely new experience to me. Ontario in general is a lot different than what I am used to, both in positive and negative ways. Throughout my life, I have only ever moved to smaller towns than the one I was in previous. I was born in a town of about 7,500, moved to a town of 5,500, and went to school for my undergraduate degree in a town of about 2,500 ( 5,000 when school was in).

Therefore, moving to Hamilton a city of 550,000 has been a major change for me. I always laugh when people talk of Hamilton as being “small”. I have visited places like New York City, Orlando, Toronto etc, but have never actually lived anywhere like that. I will say after living in Hamilton for some time now, I feel much more comfortable then when I began.The longer I live here, the more I feel a part of the city and what it has to offer. With summer approaching, I am going to be looking for the cool things to do this summer. I love being outdoors, as it is always a huge part of my summer. I am really into water sports, and cannot even imagine my summer without being in the water! With this said, I looked up some cool places to have some fun this summer, while in Hamilton!


1) The Water Falls of Hamilton 

I have heard that Hamilton has many waterfalls, some with a bit of a hike to get to them. It is amazing to me that there are so many all in one city! This is definitely something I will be checking out this summer!

2)Royal Botanical Gardens

This may seem like a boring one, but I cannot think of anything prettier. On the East coast in Halifax, they have botanical gardens, and it has got to be one of the prettiest places in Halifax. In Hamilton, these gardens stretch across 2,700 acres! That’s a lot of bouquets!


Roller Skating at Pier 8!

Down on the waterfront by Williams Fresh Cafe, there is a roller rink that runs throughout the summer. During the winter, it is an ice skating rink. During both seasons, you can rent skates for a small fee and go all day if you like. They used to have a “Rollerama” close to wear I live, and I absolutely loved it. This is definitely something I will be checking out this summer!

4) Christie Lake Conservation Area

From my research, this seems like one of the cleanest places to swim around Hamilton. Located in Dundas, it has 360 metres of beach. You can bring a picnic, rent some tubes or a boat, and have a great time. There are also 10 km of trails in the area!


5) Rock Climbing

Although inside, Gravity Rock Climbing in Hamilton is a great way to get some exercise by doing something a little different! It is only  $13.27 for a day pass! 


I am going to try to check out all five of these places throughout the course of the summer! If  any of you know of any other cool places let me know!:)

The Real Lives of…

Something that has been a constant conversation with my roommates as well as my other friends is reality television. It boggles my mind the way reality television had exploded over the past couple of years.

I remember when reality television started getting popular. We had shows like Crocodile Hunter, Fear Factor, A Wedding Story, and What Not to Wear. They were shows that documented real people doing real things. Whether they were catching a crocodile, picking out a wedding dress, eating a spider, or being criticized for their ‘mom’ jeans, it was all in ‘real’ time. It was the first time really, other than games shows that things were unscripted.





As reality television became more popular, we started to see shows like The Hills and Laguna Beach paralleling fictional teen dramas like The O.C., and One Tree Hill. I think people gravitated to these shows because it was as if the fictional world had come alive. People started to become more and more interested in watching other people’s lives unfold.

 As time went on this parallel stopped, and now we have shows like Honey Boo Boo, The “REAL” Housewives, The “Real” World  St.Thomas, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, Billy the Exterminator, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and more, that are literally shows about average people doing ..well ..nothing.


These shows sell to us, because people are interested in getting the “inside look”,on other people’s lives, famous and average alike. Some shows like “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, chronicles the life of the Kardashian/Jenner family, often criticized for “being famous for being famous.” Of course, they have been successful in many ways, and are often critiqued far more than they should be. Even with the criticisms however, society today, myself included, watches these shows with such interest, and it often boggles my own mind why I find them interesting.

I watch Real Housewives, Kardashians, Teen Mom, etc, as do many of my friends. Although I have never been a Jersey Shore fan, my friends and I have dubbed all of these shows as “trash tv”. It is not that the people on the shows are “trashy” per say, but rather the content. These shows thrive off the drama that is created through pitting characters at one another, relationship quarrels, and fame. People foolishly get intrigued by the “REAL” Housewives and the “REAL” World of St.Thomas, because they seem it as some kind of alternate reality. A friend once said to me, that she thinks people watch these shows because the drama is so far out of a “normal” individuals daily life, that it becomes interesting.


What do you guys think? Why is it that some people enjoy watching other individuals fight, and essentially do nothing? What is the ultimate draw?

A Feast To Die For

Hey Everybody!

I hate to disappoint, but this sadly is not a post about delicious food. It is instead a post I have been meaning to write since early February. Half way through last semester I had the privilege to be asked to participate in McMaster’s Communication and Multimedia Society’s Murder Mystery Event. 


Image brought to you by the CSMM Society

I was asked to be part of the cast that would put on a 5 act show, depicting the murder of Victoria Lester. I played Eleanor Hopkins, the best friend of Victoria Lester, and co-worker of her husband Mark. This play was filled with drama from infidelity, fraud, and murder. All of the characters had something different that they brought to the table, making it extremely confusing as to who the murderer could be!


Image brought to you by the CSMM Society

The evening was filled with much more than simply a play. There were appetizers, a photo booth, a live twitter feed and much more. Each attendee had the opportunity to put their name into the jar of the actor/actress they thought to be guilty. If they were chosen they won a collection of prizes, donated to the society from local vendors. 

The play had a mixture of first year all the way to post grad program students. That is what is so great about a society like CSMM. It is all inclusive, and incorporates students from communications, multi-media, PR and more.

It was all in all, a delightful evening, filled with lots of laughs, food, and friends! It was so nice to be able to participate in some theatre again. The CSMM committee put so much work into this event, and it showed.

SO who was the murderer you ask??

It was none other than yours truly, Eleanor Hopkins. Eleanor was jealous of Victoria, and wanted her life. She was in love with Victoria’s husband, and thought the only way to achieve this was to get her out of the way. I was dragged away by “official” police, my mug shot displayed across the screen. It was to say the least, amusing.


Image brought to you by CSMM society

I would encourage all of you to check out the CSMM society on the main MAC campus. They have an excellent exec team, that plan some snazzy events throughout the year!

I have provided a link to a taping of the play if you any of you would like to watch it!


Happy Saturday Everybody!

Recently, I had the opportunity to see one of my favourite artists in Hamilton! Carrie Underwood touched down with her Blown Away tour in Hamilton on Thursday, March 28, 2013. To say I was excited, would be a serious understatement.


I had the most amazing seats, that I have ever had a concert!  I was row five on the floor, so close to one of my favourite vocalists.

Hunter Hayes kicked off the the show with some of his hits including “Make you Feel Wanted”, which the crowd loved! He is such a wonderful up and coming performer! Previous to this concert I had not really listened to him, but after his performance, I am a definite fan!


When Underwood came on stage the only way I can describe it was electric. She is such an amazing performer with real, raw talent. Listening to her live is like listening to her on award shows, the radio, her albums etc. She sounds the exact same everywhere! I mean this, only in a positive manner, in that her voice is flawless. Copps Coliseum was so full of adoring fans!Of course many bring signs, t-shirts etc, to get pumped up for the show. One particular poster that Underwood actually read aloud read ” You might be married to a Fischer, but I’m the real playa”. She seemed to love it, and continued with her amazing show.

Her show was so jam packed! She had a floating stage that went over the crowd, several confetti explosions, costume changes, windmills, computer effects for her blown away single, and more. In one portion of the show when she performed “One Way Ticket”, she released massive beach balls over the crowd. It was such a party, a celebration of her fans coming together. She is without a doubt the best artist I have seen in concert!


I wanted to provide you with a little taste of my incredible experience! This is not my recording. I could not seem to upload my own recording. This is a recording I found on youtube. I was quite a bit closer than this. However, this is still a great video!

If any of you ever have a chance to see her live, I encourage you to go! She is truly phenomenal! You will definitely be “Blown Away”.


Easy YUMMY Spicy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hey guys! 

So I had to share this super quick recipe for Spicy Oatmeal Chip cookies! I made them this weekend at my Aunt Shirley’s house, and I could not believe how easy they were. It is funny because they have rather unconventional ingredients, in that they are not usually used for cookies. They turned out great though!

The recipe includes the following ingredients:

1 package of the Duncan Hines Spice Cake Mix

1 cup of Dry Oats

2 Eggs

1/2 cup of Vegetable Oil

1 cup of chocolate chips or raisins

Literally Just Combine everything and bake at 350 degrees!

This may sound a bit weird, but I promise you they are absolutely delicious. The Spice cake mix gives an extra little kick to the cookies making them taste amazing. I unfortunately did not take any pictures of them until I only had one left. I might also add that it is a little deformed. However, although deformed it still tasted fantastic!



Try them out and tell me if you like them! If you have any super quick and easy recipes please share them with me! I love trying new things! I love the quick recipes especially for a potluck or other social gathering!